Release 3.3  Copyright ©1995 by NeXT Computer, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

3.3 Developer Release Notes

With each release of its software, NeXT provides release notes containing information about the release.  These notes apply to Release 3.3.

Release 3.3 is primarily a user release with few changes to Developer software. Consequently, most release notes contain sections describing features of the 3.2, 3.1, and 3.0 releases.

The various files containing release notes for developers are listed below.  These files are included in the "Developer Release Notes" target of the NEXTSTEP Developer bookshelf (in the directory /NextLibrary/Bookshelves), and are located in /NextLibrary/Documentation/NextDev/ReleaseNotes.

Note:  Information that would be useful for users and administrators has been moved to the administrator release notes, which has a target on the System Administation bookshelf.  These developer release notes have been moved:

Printing.rtf Printing software and printer support
SndCmds.rtf Sound commands
Terminal.rtf The Terminal application

These developer release notes have had material removed and added to the System Administration notes:

AppKit.rtf User-visibile changes to the Application Kit (named AppBehavior.rtf in Adminstration release notes)
Edit.rtf The Edit application
OperatingSystem.rtf Operating System software
Workspace.rtf User-visibile changes to the NEXTSTEP Workspace Manager

To open a file in Edit, click the button next to its title in the list below.

File Subject of Notes
3.3DeltaDoc.rtfd Information about how this release differs from the previous two.
3DKit.rtf The 3D Graphics Kit
AppKit.rtf The Application Kit
CLibLocalization.rtf Localization and the C Library
CLibraries.rtf NEXTSTEP's support of the ANSI C libraries
Compiler.rtf C Programming and Compiling
CompilerTools.rtf C Compiler Tools
C++.rtf Objective C++
DBKit.rtf The Database Kit
Debugger.rtfd The GNU Source-Level Debugger
DistributedObjects.rtf Using distributed objects to create client-server applications
Documentation.rtf On-line and hard-copy developer documentation
DSP.rtf DSP driver and development tools
Edit.rtf The Edit application
EventStatusDriver.rtf Keyboard and mouse event driver
Emacs+vi.rtf Information about these standard UNIX editors
FatFiles.rtf Multiple architecture binaries
Fax.rtf Fax applications and software
GNUSource.rtf Notes on installing GNU programs from the source code
HeaderFiles.rtf C header files
IndexingKit.rtf The Indexing Kit and indexing utilities
Installer.rtf The Installer application
InterfaceBuilder.rtf The Interface Builder application
LoadableKernelServers.rtf The kernel loader
libg++.rtf The GNU C++ class library
MallocDebug.rtf The MallocDebug application
MIDI.rtf The MIDI driver and MIDI programming examples
MusicKit.rtf The Music Kit
NetInfoKit.rtf The NetInfo Kit
ObjC.rtf Objective C Runtime System
ObjectLinks.rtfd NEXTSTEP Object Links
OperatingSystem.rtf Operating System software
PrecompiledHeaders.rtf Using precompiled headers
Preferences.rtf The Preferences application
Preprocessor.rtf The C preprocessor
ProjectBuilder.rtf The Project Builder application
Sound.rtf The Sound Library
SoundKit.rtf The Sound Kit
TabletDriver.rtf The tablet driver
WindowServer.rtf The NEXTSTEP Window Server
Workspace.rtf The NEXTSTEP Workspace Manager

All release notes are Copyright © 1995 by NeXT Computer, Inc.  All rights reserved.