Release 3.3 Copyright ©1995 by NeXT Computer, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

3.3 Release Notes:
GNU Source Code

This file contains release notes for building the GNU projects provided on the NEXTSTEP Developer CD-ROM in Release 3.2.  There are no changes for Release 3.3.

Known Problems

If you don't have bison already installed then you'll need to make and install it before building the compiler.  To do so, cd to /NextDeveloper/Source/GNU/cc/bison and type make (since this directory will likely be owned by root you'll need to be root to do this). Then type the following commands

mkdir /usr/local/bin  (this may already exist)
mkdir /usr/local/lib  (this may already exist)

cp bison.NEW /usr/local/bin/bison
cp bison.hairy bison.simple /usr/local/lib

For the compiler project in /NextDeveloper/Source/GNU/cc/cc, typing make without a target will attempt to do a make install, which may overwrite your existing compiler. You should therefore use make all instead.