Release 3.3 Copyright ©1994 by NeXT Computer, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

G Annotated uucico Debug Output
If you are having difficulties with UUCP, you can execute uucico directly to examine detailed debugging information. This appendix contains sample annotated output of the command /usr/lib/uucp/uucico -r1 -x6 -srhino.
This command executes uucico at debug level 6 to the remote site rhino. For more information, see the UNIX manual page for uucico.

root rhino (7/18-09:26-4187) DEBUG (Local Enabled) Time stamp, noting debugging.
finds (rhino) called Found system rhino.
getto: call no. cua for sys rhino No phone number found for rhino.
Using DIR to call Using a direct connection.
Opening /dev/cufa Using /dev/cufa.
login called Beginning login sequence from L.sys.
ABORT ON: BUSY Abort enabled (abort call if "BUSY" received).
wanted """" Wanted nothing.
got: that Received what was expected.
send "AT" Sending the AT command.
wanted "OK~3" Wait 3 seconds for "OK."
AT Modem echoes "AT."
OKgot: that Received "OK" from modem, as expected.
send "ATX3s50=255" Send more modem commands.
wanted "OK~3" Wait 3 seconds for acknowledgment.
>ATX3s50=255 The > is the modem prompt.
OKgot: that
send "ATdt9w1-800-555-1212" Dial the phone number.
wanted "CONNECT~80" Wait 80 seconds for "CONNECT."

CONNECTgot: that Received "CONNECT" from modem, as
send "PAUSE" Wait 3 seconds.
wanted "ogin:~15" Wait 15 seconds for login prompt.
FAST/UUCP/COMP Part of the modem's connect message.
NeXT Mach (rhino) (ttyda) Prompt sequence begins. If it hadn't, might have
sent a newline (CR), or a BREAK.
rhino login:got: that Got a prompt ("ogin:").
send "Umyhost" Log in by sending user name and password.
wanted "ssword:~10"
Password:got: that
send "a5c#.9jq@Z"
root rhino (7/18-09:27-4187) SUCCEEDED (call to rhino) Completed dialog from L.sys.
imsg looking for SYNC< Looking for an initial greeting from remote
\20> UUCP (all before the normal data transmission
protocol starts).
imsg input<Shere=rhino\0>got 11 characters What was received.
omsg <Smyhost -Q0 -x6> Sending this back, identifying ourselves, at
debug level 6.
imsg looking for SYNC< Looking for an acknowledgment of receipt.
imsg input<ROK\0>got 3 characters Got the acknowledgment.
Rmtname rhino, Role MASTER,  Ifn - 5, Loginuser - root Initial connection complete.
rmesg - 'P' imsg looking for SYNC<\20> Begin negotiating data transfer protocol.
imsg input<Ptfg\0>got 4 characters Remote sends "Ptfg."
got Ptfg Remote knows these protocols.
wmesg 'U' g Want the "g" protocol (dial-up serial line).
omsg <Ug>
Proto started g Starting the "g" protocol.
protocol g
root rhino (7/18-09:27-4187) OK (startup cufa 19200 baud) Protocol startup message.
*** TOP ***  -  role=MASTER Starting up, in master role.
wmesg 'H' Nothing to send; does the remote have anything?
rmesg - 'H' got HY
wmesg 'H' Y
cntrl - 0 Nothing on the remote; shut down.
root rhino (7/18-09:27-4187) OK (conversation complete) Termination message.
send OO 0,omsg <OOOOOO> Cleanly shutting down.
imsg looking for SYNC<\20>
imsg input<   \10*"   \20>
imsg input<   \10*"   \20>
imsg input<   "*\10   \20>
imsg input<   "*\10   \20>
imsg input<OOOOOO\0>got 6 characters Connection shutdown complete.