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F UUCP Overview
The following tables describe the components of the UUCP system.

UUCP Programs

Name Function
uucp Queues files to be copied between UNIX computers
uux Queues commands to be executed on a remote UNIX computer
uupoll Requests initiation of communications with a UUCP partner
uusnap Displays a status snapshot of the UUCP system
uuq Displays the UUCP queue
uucico Transfers files between systems
uuxqt Interprets and executes UUCP execution files
uuencode Encodes binary files as ASCII, for transmission through UNIX mail
uudecode Decodes files processed by uuencode
uuname Lists names of known UUCP partners
uulog Displays UUCP log files
uusend Sends a file to a remote host
uuclean Removes old files in the spool directory /usr/spool/uucp
uucpd Supports network-based UUCP connections

UUCP Configuration Files

Name Purpose
L.sys System connection information
L-devices Description of available devices
USERFILE Access permissions and restrictions
L.aliases Site name aliases
L.cmds Commands which may be executed from a remote site
UUCPNAME Alternate site name