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A The Manager Applications
This appendix presents an overview of the network and system administration applications in /NextAdmin: BuildDisk, Configure, HostManager, Installer, InstallTablet, NetInfoManager, NetWareManager, NFSManager, SimpleNetworkStarter, and UserManager. The purpose of each command is summarized, and cross-references are provided to the procedures in this manual where using the command is described.
BuildDisk is an application for installing all or part of the NeXTSTEP Release 3 software onto disks. BuildDisk formats disks and can configure partitions before installing the software. You can also use BuildDisk to format a disk as a swap disk. Its use is discussed in Chapter 7, "Attaching Peripherals."
Configure is an application for installing device drivers in Intel-based PC computers. Use it to install device drivers that are not part of the NEXTSTEP release, or use it to alter DMA, IRQ, or port settings for an existing device driver as well as to adjust modes that a particular device driver may offer. Its use is described in the Installing and Configuring NEXTSTEP Release 3.3 manual.
HostManager is an application for viewing and modifying host information. You can use it to add, modify, and delete host entries. You can also use it to configure network features. It's use is covered in Chapter 3, "NetInfo Networking."
You can enable or disable automatic host configuration. You can also modify the range of Internet addresses assigned to new hosts, the temporary Internet address used during addition, and determine which password (if any) is required to add a host to the network. You can enable or disable network time service and designate which hosts will act as time servers for the network.
Installer is used to install software packages. It's described in the User's Guide.
InstallTablet is used to configure a graphics tablet. All actions are performed using the main window, not menu commands. This application is described in Chapter 7, "Attaching Peripherals."
NetInfoManager is used to directly view and modify NetInfo databases. Many of the things you can do with NetInfoManager you can do more efficiently (and more safely) with the other applications in /NextAdmin. Basic use of the application is introduced in Chapter 3, "NetInfo Networking." Most chapters in this manual cover some aspect of NetInfoManager. Be sure to see the 3.3 Release Notes for information on new features, changes, and bugs.
NetWareManager is used to authenticate users to a NetWare server and manage access to NetWare printers. This application is discussed in Chapter 11, "NEXTSTEP Computers in a Mixed Network."

NFSManager is an application for importing and exporting directories on a network. See Chapter 4, "Setting Up the Network File System." You can add or delete mount (import) entries and specify options dictating how the remote directory will be mounted as well as add or remove exported directories and specify options that grant different types of access to other hosts.


SimpleNetworkStarter is an application for setting up a NetInfo network. With it, you configure NetInfo servers, file servers, mail servers, and clients. Activities are performed in the main window, not with menu commands. Its use is covered in Chapter 2, "Setting Up a NetInfo Network."


UserManager is an application for creating and modifying user accounts and user groups. Adding basic user accounts is covered in Chapter 2, and more complete information is in Chapter 5, "Managing User Accounts and User Groups." You can modify account information, including the home directory, user name, and user group memberships. You can choose either a local user or a network user. You can create or delete a new home directory for a user account.