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Data Component Functions

Return components of 3D data structures

RtFloat N3D_XComp(RtFloat *theVector)
RtFloat N3D_YComp(RtFloat *theVector)
RtFloat N3D_ZComp(RtFloat *theVector)
RtFloat N3D_WComp(RtFloat *theVector)

Data Conversion Functions

Convert between RtPoints and RtBounds

void N3D_ConvertBoundToPoints(RtBound theBound, RtPoint * thePoints)
void N3D_ConvertPointsToBound(RtPoint * thePoints, RtBound theBound)

Data Copying Functions

Efficiently copy 3D data types

void N3D_CopyBound(RtBound sourceBounds, RtBound destBounds)
void N3D_CopyMatrix(RtMatrix sourceMatrix, RtMatrix destMatrix)
void N3D_CopyPoint(RtPoint sourcePoint, RtPoint destPoint)

Intersection Testing Function

Test for intersection between line and plane

void N3DIntersectLinePlane(RtPoint *endPoints, RtPoint planeNormal, RtPoint planePoint, RtPoint *intersection)

Matrix Manipulation Functions

Efficient matrix multiplication

void N3DMultiplyMatrix(RtMatrix preTransform, RtMatrix postTransform, RtMatrix resultTransform)
float N3DInvertMatrix(RtMatrix theTransform, RtMatrix theInverse)

Transformation Functions

Transform between coordinate systems

void N3DMult3DPoint(RtPoint thePoint, RtMatrix theTransform, RtPoint newPoint)
void N3DMult3DPoints(RtPoint *thePoints, int pointCount,
RtMatrix theTransform, RtPoint *newPoints)