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Class Functions

Create a new instance of a class

id class_createInstance(Class aClass, unsigned int indexedIvarBytes)
id class_createInstanceFromZone(Class aClass, unsigned int indexedIvarBytes, NXZone *zone)

Get the class template for an instance variable

Ivar class_getInstanceVariable(Class aClass, const char *variableName)

Get, add, and remove methods

Method class_getInstanceMethod(Class aClass, SEL aSelector)
Method class_getClassMethod(Class aClass, SEL aSelector)
void class_addMethods(Class aClass, struct objc_method_list *methodList)
void class_removeMethods(Class aClass, struct objc_method_list *methodList)

Pose as the superclass

Class class_poseAs(Class theImposter, Class theSuperclass)

Set and get the class version

void class_setVersion(Class aClass, int versionNumber)
int class_getVersion(Class aClass)

System Functions

Manage run-time structures

id objc_getClass(const char *aClassName)
id objc_lookUpClass(const char *aClassName)
id objc_getMetaClass(const char *aClassName)
NXHashTable * objc_getClasses(void)
void objc_addClass(Class aClass)
Module * objc_getModules(void)

Dynamically load and unload classes

long objc_loadModules(char *files[], NXStream *stream, void (*callback)(Class, Category), struct mach_header **header, char *debugFilename)
long objc_unloadModules(NXStream *stream, void (*callback)(Class, Category))

Send messages at run time

id objc_msgSend(id theReceiver, SEL theSelector, ...)
id objc_msgSendSuper(struct objc_super *superContext, SEL theSelector, ...)
id objc_msgSendv(id theReceiver, SEL theSelector, unsigned int argSize, marg_list argFrame)

Make the run-time system thread safe

void objc_setMultithreaded(BOOL flag)

Object Functions

Manage object memory

id object_dispose(Object *anObject)
id object_copy(Object *anObject, unsigned int indexedIvarBytes)
id object_copyFromZone(Object *anObject, unsigned int indexedIvarBytes, NXZone *zone)
id object_realloc(Object *anObject, unsigned int numBytes)
id object_reallocFromeZone(Object *anObject, unsigned int numBytes, NXZone *zone)

Return the class name

const char * object_getClassName(id anObject)

Set and get instance variables

Ivar object_setInstanceVariable(id anObject, const char *variableName, void *value)
Ivar object_getInstanceVariable(id anObject, const char *variableName, void **value)

Return a pointer to an object's extra memory

void * object_getIndexedIvars(id anObject)

Method Functions and Macros

Get information about a method

unsigned int method_getNumberOfArguments(Method aMethod)
unsigned int method_getSizeOfArguments(Method aMethod)
unsigned int method_getArgumentInfo(Method aMethod, int index, const char **type, int *offset)

Examine and alter method argument values

type-name marg_getValue(marg_list argFrame, int offset, type-name)
type-name * marg_getRef(marg_list argFrame, int offset, type-name)
void marg_setValue(marg_list argFrame, int offset, type-name, type-name value)

Selector Functions

Match method names with method selectors

SEL sel_getUid(const char *aName)
const char * sel_getName(SEL aSelector)

Determine whether a selector is valid

BOOL sel_isMapped(SEL aSelector)

Register a method name

SEL sel_registerName(const char *aName)