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Application Additions

Preference implements these methods as additions to the Application class of the Application Kit.

Loading the Interface

loadNibForLayout:(const char *)name Loads the nib file named "name.nib" and makes anOwner
owner:anOwner its owner

Controlling Menu Items

enableEdit:(int)aMask Enables and disables menu items in the Edit menu
enableWindow: Enables and disables menu items in the Window menu

Accessing the Preferences Window

appWindow Returns the id of the Preferences window


Inherits From: Object

Accessing the Root View

view Returns the View that's loaded into the Preferences window

Notification of State Change

didHide:sender Received when the application hides itself
didUnhide:sender Received when the application unhides itself
willSelect:sender Received before the module is displayed
didSelect:sender Received after the module is displayed
willUnselect:sender Received before the module is removed from display
didUnselect:sender Received after the module has been removed from display