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Character Classification Functions

Classify NeXTSTEP-Encoded Values

int NXIsAlpha(unsigned int c)
int NXIsUpper(unsigned int c)
int NXIsLower(unsigned int c)
int NXIsDigit(unsigned int c)
int NXIsXDigit(unsigned int c)
int NXIsAlNum(unsigned int c)
int NXIsSpace(unsigned int c)
int NXIsPunct(unsigned int c)
int NXIsPrint(unsigned int c)
int NXIsGraph(unsigned int c)
int NXIsCntrl(unsigned int c)
int NXIsAscii(unsigned int c)

Convert NeXTSTEP-Encoded Characters

unsigned char * NXToAscii(unsigned int c)
int NXToLower(unsigned int c)
int NXToUpper(unsigned int c)

Defaults System Functions

Set or Read Default Parameters

int NXRegisterDefaults(const char *owner, const NXDefaultsVector vector)
const char * NXGetDefaultValue(const char *owner, const char *name)
const char * NXReadDefault(const char *owner, const char *name)
int NXRemoveDefault(const char *owner, const char *name)
int NXSetDefault(const char *owner, const char *name, const char *value)
const char * NXUpdateDefault(const char *owner, const char *name)
void NXUpdateDefaults(void)
int NXWriteDefault(const char *owner, const char *name, const char *value)
int NXWriteDefaults(const char *owner, NXDefaultsVector vector)
const char * NXSetDefaultsUser(const char *newUser)

Error-Handling Functions

Macros to Raise an Exception

void NX_RAISE(int code, const void *data1, const void *data2)
void NX_RERAISE(void)

Set and Return an Exception Raiser

void NXDefaultExceptionRaiser(int code, const void *data1, const void *data2)
void NXSetExceptionRaiser(NXExceptionRaiser *procedure)
NXExceptionRaiser *  NXGetExceptionRaiser(void)

Macros to Handle Uncaught Exceptions

void NXSetUncaughtExceptionHandler(NXUncaughtExceptionHandler *proc)
NXUncaughtExceptionHandler *  NXGetUncaughtExceptionHandler(void)

Manage the Error Data Buffer

void NXAllocErrorData(int size, void **data)
void NXResetErrorData(void)

Stream Functions

Manipulate a Memory Stream

NXStream * NXOpenMemory(const char *address, int size, int mode)
NXStream * NXMapFile(const char *pathName, int mode)
int NXSaveToFile(NXStream *stream, const char *name)
void NXCloseMemory(NXStream *stream, int option)
void NXGetMemoryBuffer(NXStream *stream, char **streambuf, int *len, int *maxLen)

Open a File Stream or a Mach Port Stream

NXStream * NXOpenFile(int fd, int mode)
NXStream * NXOpenPort(port_t port, int mode)

Close a Stream

void NXClose(NXStream *stream)

Read From or Write to a Stream

int NXRead(NXStream *stream, void *buf, int count)
int NXWrite(NXStream *stream, const void *buf, int count)

Read or Write Formatted Data from or to a Stream

int NXPutc(NXStream *stream, char c)   /* a macro */
int NXGetc(NXStream *stream)   /* a macro */
void NXUngetc(NXStream *stream)
int NXScanf(NXStream *stream, const char *format, ...)
void NXPrintf(NXStream *stream, const char *format, ...)
int NXVScanf(NXStream *stream, const char *format, va_list argList)
void NXVPrintf(NXStream *stream, const char *format, va_list argList)

Register a Procedure for Formatting Data Written to a Stream

void NXRegisterPrintfProc(char formatChar, NXPrintfProc *proc, void *procData)

Flush a Stream

int NXFlush(NXStream *stream)

Set or Report Current Position in a Stream

void NXSeek(NXStream *stream, long offset, int ptrName)
long NXTell(NXStream *stream)
BOOL NXAtEOS(NXStream *stream)   /* a macro */

Support a User-defined Stream

NXStream * NXStreamCreate(int mode, int createBuf)
NXStream * NXStreamCreateFromZone(int mode, int createBuf, NXZone *zone)
void NXStreamDestroy(NXStream *stream)
int NXDefaultRead(NXStream *stream, void *buf, int count)
int NXDefaultWrite(NXStream *stream, const void *buf, int count)
int NXFill(NXStream *stream)
void NXChangeBuffer(NXStream *stream)

Typed Stream Functions

Open or Close a Typed Stream

NXTypedStream* NXOpenTypedStream(NXStream *stream, int mode)
void NXCloseTypedStream(NXTypedStream *stream)
NXTypedStream* NXOpenTypedStreamForFile(const char *fileName, int mode)

Read or Write Objective C Objects from or to a Typed Stream

id NXReadObject(NXTypedStream *stream)
void NXWriteObject(NXTypedStream *stream, id object)
void NXWriteObjectReference(NXTypedStream *stream, id object)
void NXWriteRootObject(NXTypedStream *stream, id rootObject)

Read or Write Arbitrary Data from or to a Typed Stream

void NXReadType(NXTypedStream *stream, const char *type, void *data)
void NXWriteType(NXTypedStream *stream, const char *type, const void *data)
void NXReadTypes(NXTypedStream *stream, const char *types, ...)
void NXWriteTypes(NXTypedStream *stream, const char *types, ...)

Read or Write Arrays from or to a Typed Stream

void NXReadArray(NXTypedStream *stream, const char *dataType, int count, void *data)
void NXWriteArray(NXTypedStream *stream, const char *dataType, int count, const void *data)

Read or Write an Object from or to a Typed-Stream Memory Buffer

id NXReadObjectFromBuffer(const char *buffer, int length)
char * NXWriteRootObjectToBuffer(id object, int *length)
void NXFreeObjectBuffer(char *buffer, int length)

Determine Whether There's More Data to Be Read

BOOL NXEndOfTypedStream(NXTypedStream *stream)

Flush a Typed Stream

void NXFlushTypedStream(NXTypedStream *stream)

Get the Version Number of a Class

int NXTypedStreamClassVersion(NXTypedStream *stream, const char *className)

Get or Set the Zone for a Typed Stream

NXZone NXGetTypedStreamZone(NXTypedStream *stream)
void NXSetTypedStreamZone(NXTypedStream *stream, NXZone *zone)
id NXReadObjectFromBufferWithZone(const char *buffer, int length, NXZone *zone)

Memory Allocation Functions

Zone Memory Allocation

void * NXZoneMalloc(NXZone *zone, size_t size)
void * NXZoneCalloc(NXZone *zone, size_t numElems, size_t numBytes)
void * NXZoneRealloc(NXZone *zone, void *ptr, size_t size)
void NXZoneFree(NXZone *zone, void *ptr)
NXZone * NXDefaultMallocZone(void)
NXZone * NXCreateZone(size_t startSize, size_t granularity, int canFree)
NXZone * NXCreateChildZone(NXZone *parentZone, size_t startSize, size_t granularity, int canFree)
void NXMergeZone(NXZone *zone)
void NXDestroyZone(NXZone *zone)
NXZone * NXZoneFromPtr(void *ptr)
void NXZonePtrInfo(void *ptr)
int NXMallocCheck(void)
void NXNameZone(NXZone *zonep, const char *name)

Hash and String Table Functions

Create, Manipulate, and Free a Hash Table

NXHashTable * NXCreateHashTable(NXHashTablePrototype prototype, unsigned capacity, const void *info)
NXHashTable * NXCreateHashTableFromZone(NXHashTablePrototype prototype, unsigned capacity, const void *info, NXZone *zone)
void NXFreeHashTable(NXHashTable *table)
void NXEmptyHashTable(NXHashTable *table)
void NXResetHashTable(NXHashTable *table)
NXHashTable * NXCopyHashTable(NXHashTable *table)
BOOL NXCompareHashTables(NXHashTable *table1, NXHashTable *table2)
unsigned NXPtrHash(const void *info, const void *data)
unsigned NXStrHash(const void *info, const void *data)
int NXPtrIsEqual(const void *info, const void *data1, const void *data2)
int NXStrIsEqual(const void *info, const void *data1, const void *data2)
void NXNoEffectFree(const void *info, void *data)
void NXReallyFree(const void *info, void *data)

Manipulate the Elements of a Hash Table

void * NXHashInsert(NXHashTable *table, const void *data)
void * NXHashInsertIfAbsent(NXHashTable *table, const void *data)
int NXHashMember(NXHashTable *table, const void *data)
void * NXHashGet(NXHashTable *table, const void *data)
void * NXHashRemove(NXHashTable *table, const void *data)
unsigned NXCountHashTable(NXHashTable *table)
NXHashState NXInitHashState(NXHashTable *table)
int NXNextHashState(NXHashTable *table, NXHashState *state, void **data)

String Functions

Get Localized Versions of Strings

const char * NXLocalizedString(const char *key, const char *value, comment)
const char * NXLocalizedStringFromTable(const char *table, const char *key, const char *value, comment)
const char * NXLocalizedStringFromTableInBundle(const char *table, NXBundle *bundle, const char *key, const char *value, comment)
const char * NXLoadLocalizedStringFromTableInBundle(const char *table, NXBundle *bundle, const char *key, const char *value)

Create a Unique String

NXAtom NXUniqueString(const char *buffer)
NXAtom NXUniqueStringWithLength(const char *buffer, int length)
NXAtom NXUniqueStringNoCopy(const char *buffer)
char * NXCopyStringBuffer(const char *buffer)
char * NXCopyStringBufferFromZone(const char *buffer, NXZone *zone)

Miscellaneous Functions

Get a Pointer to the Objects Stored in a List

id * NX_ADDRESS(List *aList)

Search for and Read a File

int NXFilePathSearch(const char *envVarName, const char *defaultPath, int leftToRight, const char *fileName, int (*funcPtr)(), void *funcArg)