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Application Kit Functions

Rectangle Functions

Modify a rectangle

void NXSetRect(NXRect *aRect, NXCoord x, NXCoord y, NXCoord width, NXCoord height)
void NXOffsetRect(NXRect *aRect, NXCoord dx, NXCoord dy)
void NXInsetRect(NXRect *aRect, NXCoord dx, NXCoord dy)
void NXIntegralRect(NXRect *aRect)
NXRect * NXDivideRect(NXRect *aRect, NXRect *bRect, NXCoord slice, int edge)

Test graphic relationships

BOOL NXMouseInRect(const NXPoint *aPoint, const NXRect *aRect, BOOL flipped)
BOOL NXPointInRect(const NXPoint *aPoint, const NXRect *aRect)
BOOL NXIntersectsRect(const NXRect *aRect, const NXRect *bRect)
BOOL NXContainsRect(const NXRect *aRect, const NXRect *bRect)
BOOL NXEqualRect(const NXRect *aRect, const NXRect *bRect)
BOOL NXEmptyRect(const NXRect *aRect)

Compute third rectangle from two rectangles

NXRect * NXUnionRect(const NXRect *aRect, NXRect *bRect)
NXRect * NXIntersectionRect(const NXRect *aRect, NXRect *bRect)

Optimize drawing

void NXRectClip(const NXRect *aRect)
void NXRectClipList(const NXRect *rects, int count)
void NXRectFill(const NXRect *aRect)
void NXRectFillList(const NXRect *rects, int count)
void NXRectFillListWithGrays(const NXRect *rects, const float *grays, int count)
void NXEraseRect(const NXRect *aRect)
void NXHighlightRect(const NXRect *aRect)

Draw a bordered rectangle

void NXDrawButton(const NXRect *aRect, const NXRect *clipRect)
void NXDrawGrayBezel(const NXRect *aRect, const NXRect *clipRect)
void NXDrawGroove(const NXRect *aRect, const NXRect *clipRect)
void NXDrawWhiteBezel(const NXRect *aRect, const NXRect *clipRect)
NXRect * NXDrawTiledRects(NXRect *boundsRect, const NXRect *clipRect, const int *sides, const float *grays, int count)
void NXFrameRect(const NXRect *aRect)
void NXFrameRectWithWidth(const NXRect *aRect, NXCoord frameWidth)

Query an NXRect structure

NXCoord NX_X(NXRect *aRect)
NXCoord NX_Y(NXRect *aRect)
NXCoord NX_WIDTH(NXRect *aRect)
NXCoord NX_HEIGHT(NXRect *aRect)
NXCoord NX_MAXX(NXRect *aRect)
NXCoord NX_MAXY(NXRect *aRect)
NXCoord NX_MIDX(NXRect *aRect)
NXCoord NX_MIDY(NXRect *aRect)

Color Functions

Specify a color value

NXColor NXConvertRGBAToColor(float red, float green, float blue, float alpha)
NXColor NXConvertCMYKAToColor(float cyan, float magenta, float yellow, float black, float alpha)
NXColor NXConvertHSBAToColor(float hue, float saturation, float brightness, float alpha)
NXColor NXConvertGrayAlphaToColor(float gray, float alpha)
NXColor NXConvertRGBToColor(float red, float green, float blue)
NXColor NXConvertCMYKToColor(float cyan, float magenta, float yellow, float black)
NXColor NXConvertHSBToColor(float hue, float saturation, float brightness)
NXColor NXConvertGrayToColor(float gray)

Convert a color value to its standard components

void NXConvertColorToRGBA(NXColor color, float *red, float *green, float *blue, float *alpha)
void NXConvertColorToCMYKA(NXColor color, float *cyan, float *magenta, float *yellow, float *black, float *alpha)
void NXConvertColorToHSBA(NXColor color, float *hue, float *saturation, float *brightness, float *alpha)
void NXConvertColorToGrayAlpha(NXColor color, float *gray, float *alpha)
void NXConvertColorToRGB(NXColor color, float *red, float *green, float *blue)
void NXConvertColorToCMYK(NXColor color, float *cyan, float *magenta, float *yellow, float *black)
void NXConvertColorToHSB(NXColor color, float *hue, float *saturation, float *brightness)
void NXConvertColorToGray(NXColor color, float *gray)

Modify a color by changing one of its components

NXColor NXChangeRedComponent(NXColor color, float red)
NXColor NXChangeGreenComponent(NXColor color, float green)
NXColor NXChangeBlueComponent(NXColor color, float blue)
NXColor NXChangeCyanComponent(NXColor color, float cyan)
NXColor NXChangeMagentaComponent(NXColor color, float magenta)
NXColor NXChangeYellowComponent(NXColor color, float yellow)
NXColor NXChangeBlackComponent(NXColor color, float black)
NXColor NXChangeHueComponent(NXColor color, float hue)
NXColor NXChangeSaturationComponent(NXColor color, float saturation)
NXColor NXChangeBrightnessComponent(NXColor color, float brightness)
NXColor NXChangeGrayComponent(NXColor color, float gray)
NXColor NXChangeAlphaComponent(NXColor color, float alpha)

Isolate one component of a color

float NXRedComponent(NXColor color)
float NXGreenComponent(NXColor color)
float NXBlueComponent(NXColor color)
float NXCyanComponent(NXColor color)
float NXMagentaComponent(NXColor color)
float NXYellowComponent(NXColor color)
float NXBlackComponent(NXColor color)
float NXHueComponent(NXColor color)
float NXSaturationComponent(NXColor color)
float NXBrightnessComponent(NXColor color)
float NXGrayComponent(NXColor color)
float NXAlphaComponent(NXColor color)

Test whether two colors are the same

BOOL NXEqualColor(NXColor oneColor, NXColor anotherColor)

Get information about color space and window depth

NXColorSpace NXColorSpaceFromDepth(NXWindowDepth depth)
int NXBPSFromDepth(NXWindowDepth depth)
int NXNumberOfColorComponents(NXColorSpace space)
BOOL NXGetBestDepth(NXWindowDepth *depth, int numColors, int bps)

Read and write a color from a typed stream

NXColor NXReadColor(NXTypedStream *stream)
void NXWriteColor(NXTypedStream *stream, NXColor color)

Read and write a color from a pasteboard

NXColor NXReadColorFromPasteboard(id pasteboard)
void NXWriteColorToPasteboard(id pasteboard, NXColor color)

Set the current color

void NXSetColor(NXColor color)

Reading the color at a screen position

NXColor NXReadPixel(const NXPoint *location)

Associate named colors with their color lists

const char * NXColorListName (NXColor color)
const char * NXColorName (NXColor color)
BOOL NXFindColorNamed (const char *colorList, const char *colorName,
NXColor *color)

Text Functions

Filter characters entered into Text object

unsigned short NXFieldFilter(unsigned short theChar, int flags, unsigned short charSet)
unsigned short NXEditorFilter(unsigned short theChar, int flags, unsigned short charSet)

Calculate or draw a line of text (in Text object)

int NXScanALine(id self, NXLayInfo *layInfo)
int NXDrawALine(id self, NXLayInfo *layInfo)

Calculate font ascender, descender, and line height (in Text object)

void NXTextFontInfo(id fontId, NXCoord *ascender, NXCoord *descender, NXCoord *lineHeight)

Access Text object's word tables

void NXReadWordTable(NXZone *zone, NXStream *stream, unsigned char **preSelSmart, unsigned char **postSelSmart, unsigned char **charCategories, NXFSM **wrapBreaks, int *wrapBreaksCount, NXFSM **clickBreaks, int *clickBreaksCount, BOOL *charWrap)
void NXWriteWordTable(NXStream *stream, const unsigned char *preSelSmart, const unsigned char *postSelSmart, const unsigned char *charCategories, const NXFSM *wrapBreaks, int wrapBreaksCount, const NXFSM *clickBreaks, int clickBreaksCount, BOOL charWrap)

Provide table-driven string ordering service

int NXOrderStrings(const unsigned char *string1, const unsigned char *string2, BOOL caseSensitive, int length, NXStringOrderTable *table)
NXStringOrderTable *  NXDefaultStringOrderTable(void)

Imaging Functions

Copy an image

void NXCopyBits(int gstate, const NXRect *aRect, const NXPoint *aPoint)
void NXCopyBitmapFromGstate(int gstate, const NXRect *srcRect, const NXRect *destRect)

Render and read bitmap images

void NXDrawBitmap(const NXRect *rect,int pixelsWide,int pixelsHigh,
int bitsPerSample, int samplesPerPixel, int bitsPerPixel,
int bytesPerRow, BOOL isPlanar,BOOL hasAlpha, NXColorSpace colorSpace, const unsigned char *const data[5]
void NXReadBitmap(const NXRect *rect, int pixelsWide, int pixelsHigh, int bps, int spp, int config, int mask, void *data1, void *data2, void *data3, void *data4, void *data5)
void NXSizeBitmap(const NXRect *rect, int *size, int *pixelsWide, int *pixelsHigh, int *bps, int *spp, int *config, int *mask)

Object Management Functions

Refer to objects by name

id NXGetNamedObject(const char *name, id owner)
const char * NXGetObjectName(id theObject)
int NXNameObject(const char *name, id theObject, id owner)
int NXUnnameObject(const char *name, id owner)

Get information about an application's windows

void NXCountWindows(int *count)
void NXWindowList(int size, int list[])

Convert local and global window numbers

void NXConvertWinNumToGlobal(int winNum, unsigned int *globalNum)
void NXConvertGlobalToWinNum(int globalNum, unsigned int *winNum)

Set up a pop-up list

void NXAttachPopUpList(id button, PopUpList *popUpList)
id NXCreatePopUpListButton(PopUpList *popUpList)

Create or free an attention panel

int NXRunAlertPanel(const char *title, const char *msg, const char *defaultButton, const char *alternateButton, const char *otherButton, ...)
int NXRunLocalizedAlertPanel(const char *table, const char *title, const char *msg, const char *defaultButton, const char *alternateButton, const char *otherButton, ...)
id NXGetAlertPanel(const char *title, const char *msg, const char *firstButton, const char *alternateButton, const char *otherButton, ...)
void NXFreeAlertPanel(id alertPanel)

Error-Handling Functions

Set and return an error handler

void NXDefaultTopLevelErrorHandler(NXHandler *errorState)
NXTopLevelErrorHandler *  NXSetTopLevelErrorHandler(NXTopLevelErrorHandler *proc)
/* a macro */
NXTopLevelErrorHandler *  NXTopLevelErrorHandler(void)   /* a macro */

Manage error reporting

void NXRegisterErrorReporter(int min, int max, NXErrorReporter *proc)
void NXRemoveErrorReporter(int code)
void NXReportError(NXHandler *errorState)

Write a formatted error string

void NXLogError(const char *format, ...)

Typed Stream Functions

Read or write NeXT-defined data types from or to a typed stream

void NXReadPoint(NXTypedStream *typedStream, NXPoint *aPoint)
void NXWritePoint(NXTypedStream *typedStream, const NXPoint *aPoint)
void NXReadSize(NXTypedStream *typedStream, NXSize *aSize)
void NXWriteSize(NXTypedStream *typedStream, const NXSize *aSize)
void NXReadRect(NXTypedStream *typedStream, NXRect *aRect)
void NXWriteRect(NXTypedStream *typedStream, const NXRect *aRect)

Remote Messaging Functions

Save data received in a remote message

char * NXCopyInputData(int parameter)
char * NXCopyOutputData(int parameter)

Get send rights to an application port

port_t NXPortFromName(const char *name, const char *host)
port_t NXPortNameLookup(const char *name, const char *host)

Match an Objective-C method and a receiver to a remote message

NXRemoteMethod *  NXRemoteMethodFromSel(SEL aSelector, NXRemoteMethod *methods)
id NXResponsibleDelegate(id aListener, SEL aSelector)

Services Menu Functions

Determine whether an item is included in Services menus

int NXSetServicesMenuItemEnabled(const char *item, BOOL flag)
BOOL NXIsServicesMenuItemEnabled(const char *item)

Programatically invoke a service

BOOL NXPerformService(const char *item, Pasteboard *pboard)

Force Services menu to update based on new services

void NXUpdateDynamicServices(void)

Event Function

Access event record in event queue

NXEvent * NXGetOrPeekEvent(DPSContext context, NXEvent *anEvent, int mask, double timeout, int threshold, int peek)

Memory Allocation Functions

Macros to allocate memory

type-name * NX_MALLOC(type-name *var, type-name, int num)
type-name * NX_REALLOC(type-name *var, type-name, int num)
void NX_FREE(void *pointer)

Allocate a variable-sized array

NXChunk * NXChunkMalloc(int growBy, int initUsed)
NXChunk * NXChunkRealloc(NXChunk *pc)
NXChunk * NXChunkGrow(NXChunk *pc, int newUsed)
NXChunk * NXChunkCopy(NXChunk *pc, NXChunk *dpc)
NXChunk * NXChunkZoneMalloc(int growBy, int initUsed, NXZone *zone)
NXChunk * NXChunkZoneRealloc(NXChunk *pc, NXZone *zone)
NXChunk * NXChunkZoneGrow(NXChunk *pc, int newUsed, NXZone *zone)
NXChunk * NXChunkZoneCopy(NXChunk *pc, NXChunk *dpc, NXZone *zone)

Macros to allocate zone memory

type-name * NX_ZONEMALLOC(NXZone *zone, type-name *var, type-name, int num)
type-name * NX_ZONEREALLOC(NXZone *zone, type-name *var, type-name, int num)

Other Application Kit Functions

Get user's home directory and name

const char * NXHomeDirectory(void)
const char * NXUserName(void)

Synchronize the application with the Window Server

void NXPing(void)

Find dimensions of specified paper type

const NXSize * NXFindPaperSize(const char *paperName)

Play the system beep

void NXBeep(void)

Set up timer events

NXTrackingTimer *  NXBeginTimer(NXTrackingTimer *timer, double delay, double period)
void NXEndTimer(NXTrackingTimer *timer)

Allow journaling during direct mouse tracking

void NXJournalMouse(void)

Set or copy current graphics state object

void NXSetGState(int gstate)
void NXCopyCurrentGState(int gstate)

Report user's request to abort

BOOL NXUserAborted(void)
void NXResetUserAbort(void)

Return file-related pasteboard types

NXAtom NXCreateFileContentsPboardType(const char *fileType)
NXAtom NXCreateFilenamePboardType(const char *filename)
const char * NXGetFileType(const char *pboardType)
const char ** NXGetFileTypes(const char *const *pboardTypes)

Find unique files from a path

int NXCompleteFilename(char *path, int maxPathSize)

Draw a distinctive outline around linked data

void NXFrameLinkRect(const NXRect *aRect, BOOL isDestination)
float NXLinkFrameThickness(void)

Get the amount of memory used by the Window Server

int NXGetWindowServerMemory(DPSContext context, int *virtualMemory, int *windowBackingMemory, NXStream *windowDumpStream)

Macro to write an error message

void NX_ASSERT(int exp, char *msg)

Macro for debugging Display PostScript

void NX_PSDEBUG(void)