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Inherits From: IOPCMCIATuple : Object
Declared In: driverkit/i386/IOPCMCIATuple.h

Class Description

IOPCMCIATuple objects encapsulate configuration information about IODirectDevices that run on PCMCIA-compliant computers. Data from a "tuple" is from information stored on the PCMCIA card; each tuple stores a separate piece of information. IOPCMCIADeviceDescription objects typically contain a list of IOPCMCIATuple objects, containing such configuration data as electrical requirements, I/O port ranges, and timing information.

Usually, you need only to pass around IOPCMCIATuple objects, without creating them, subclassing them, or sending messages to them. IOPCMCIATuples are created by the system.

Instance Variables

None declared in this class.

Method Types

Getting information from a tuple

Instance Methods

(unsigned char)code

Returns a code describing the contents of the tuple, as described in the PCMCIA standard.

See also:  data, length

(unsigned char *)data

Returns the tuple data, which is in machine readable form.

See also:  code, length


Returns the length of the tuple data in bytes.

See also:  code, data