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Inherits From: IOEISADeviceDescription : IODeviceDescription : Object
Declared In: driverkit/i386/IOPCIDeviceDescription.h

Class Description

IOPCIDeviceDescription objects encapsulate information about IODirectDevices that run on PCI-compliant computers. Usually, you need only to pass around IOPCIDeviceDescriptions, without creating them, subclassing them, or sending messages to them. IOPCIDeviceDescriptions are created by the system and initialized from IOConfigTables.

This object encapsulates the PCI Configuration Space address of the device. This address contains three fields:

Device number, ranging from 0 to 31
Function number, ranging from 0 to 7
Bus number, ranging from 0 to 255

Instance Variables

None declared in this class.

Method Types

Getting config address of PCI device

Instance Methods

(IOReturn)getPCIdevice:(unsigned char *)deviceNumber
function:(unsigned char *)functionNumber
bus:(unsigned char *)busNumber

This method allows callers to get the PCI config address of the PCI device associated with this device description. If all goes well, the three parameters are filled in and IO_R_SUCCESS is returned. There are a variety of reasons that the address couldn't be known, in which case an appropriate code is returned and the parameters are left untouched. It is acceptable for any of the parameter pointers to be nil.