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System Bitmaps

This appendix shows the bitmaps provided with NEXTSTEP.  These bitmaps can be used by the NXImage, Cell, and Cursor classes.  They are also available in Interface Builder by typing their names into the "Icon:" field of the inspector.   The name and size (in pixels) is listed below each bitmap.  For more information, see the class specifications.

The following bitmaps can be used by the NXImage and Cell classes:

NXsquare 16 NXsquare16H
16x16 16x16
NXswitch NXswitchH
15x15 15x15
NXradio NXradioH
16x15 16x15


NXmenuArrow NXmenuArrowH
12x9 12x9
NXscrollDown NXscrollDownH
16x16 16x16
NXscrollLeft NXscrollLeftH
16x16 16x16
NXscrollRight NXscrollRightH
16x16 16x16
NXscrollUp NXscrollUpH
16x16 16x16
NXLinkButton NXLinkButtonH
12x12 12x12

NXscrollMenuDown NXscrollMenuDownD NXscrollMenuDownH
12x12 12x12 12x12
NXscrollMenuLeft NXscrollMenuLeftD NXscrollMenuLeftH
12x11 12x11 12x12
NXscrollMenuRight NXscrollMenuRightD NXscrollMenuRightH
12x11 12x11 12x12
NXscrollMenuUp NXscrollMenuUpD NXscrollMenuUpH
12x12 12x12 12x12
NXdefaultappicon NXdefaulticon
48x48 48x48

The following bitmaps are the representations of predefined NXCursor objects:

NXarrow NXibeam
16x16 16x16