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Library: libNeXT_s.a
Header File Directory: /NextDeveloper/Headers/sound
Import: sound/sound.h


This chapter describes the sound software provided by NeXTSTEP.  There are three "layers" of software:  a sound driver, a set of sound functions, and a Sound Kit.   The sound driver is the device that communicates with the sound hardware (including the DSP), allowing sound to be recorded, compressed, converted, and played.  The sound functions and Sound Kit provide high-level interfaces to the sound driver.  In addition to playing and recording sounds, the Sound Kit also provides classes that let you display sound data.

There are four sections in this chapter:

"Classes" describes the Objective C classes defined by the Sound Kit.
"Sound Functions" describes the sound C functions.  In general, the operations provided by the sound functions are subsumed by the Sound Kit.  However, the sound functions are useful for performing very simple tasks, such as playing a single soundfile.
"Driver Functions" describes the C functions that give you the most direct access to the sound driver.  Although the driver functions have been largely obsolesced by the SoundDevice and SoundStream classes, they're still needed if you want to control a stream of sound into or out of the DSP.
"Types and Constants" describes the defined types and symbolic constants used by the sound software.