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Inherits From: NIOpenPanel : NIDomainPanel : Object
Declared In: nikit/NISavePanel.h

Class Description

NISavePanel is a subclass of NIOpenPanel used to allow a user to save information to a NetInfo domain.  The panel includes an upper domain browser, a lower browser for NetInfo directories (items), a text field for each browser, and a title for each browser.  Examples of this panel are the Save panels in HostManager and UserManager.

Instance Variables

BOOL frozenBelow;

frozenBelow Indicates whether the lower text field can be edited.

Method Types

Creating a new NISavePanel object
+ new
Displaying the panel runModal
Getting data from the panel panelSizeDefaultName
Target and action methods cellWasHitInItemList:
Manipulating the panel setStartingDomainPath:

Class Methods

+ new

Returns the single NISavePanel object per application.  If one doesn't exist, it is created.

Instance Methods


This method is invoked when the user clicks in the lower browser.  Returns self.

(const char *)directory

Returns the value of the directory selected by the user in the lower browser.

(const char *)panelSizeDefaultName

Returns the name of a constant representing the size of the panel.  Used in conjunction with the inherited method resizePanelBeforeShowing:.


Reloads and redraws the information in the lower browser of the panel.  Returns self.


Begins a modal event loop for the panel.  Returns the exit flags from the panel.

(int)runModalWithString:(char *)initialValue

Runs the panel, supplying a value to be placed in the text field of the lower half of the panel.  The value can be changed by the user.  Returns the exit flags from the panel.

(int)runModalWithUneditableString:(char *)initialValue

Same as runModalWithString:, except that the supplied value can't be modified by the user.  Forces the user to save to a specific item and allows the user to cancel if a conflict exists.  Returns the exit flags from the panel.

setStartingDomainPath:(const char *)directory

Sets the path to the domain in the upper browser.  This directory will be selected when the browser is loaded.  Returns self if the path can be resolved; otherwise, returns nil.