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Adopted By: NXConnection
Declared In: machkit/senderIsInvalid.h

Protocol Description

This protocol should be implemented by objects that need to be informed of the invalidation of other objects.  To receive invalidation messages, the object must send a registerForInvalidationNotification: message to an object that may become invalid.  An implementation of this method is provided in the NXInvalidationNotifier class, so objects that inherit from NXInvalidationNotifier (such as NXConnection) have the ability to notify other objects of their imminent demise.

Instance Methods


This message is sent by an invalidation notifier (such as an NXConnection) whenever it becomes unusable (for example, because its connection has been broken, or because the invalidation notifier is about to be freed).  This gives the receiver a chance to take proper action regarding the new status of the invalidation notifier.

An object registers itself with an invalidation notifier by sending it a registerForInvalidationNotification: message.  It can later unregister itself with unregisterForInvalidationNotification:.