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Mach Kit

Library: libNeXT_s.a
Header File Directory: /NextDeveloper/Headers/machkit


The Mach Kit provides an object-oriented interface to some of the features of the Mach operating system.  At this time, it is most useful to applications that make use of the Distributed Objects system, since these applications rely upon Mach's message sending abilities to transport objects, ports, and data between processes.  The Mach Kit may also be useful for drivers and multithreaded applications.  The Mach Kit provides several classes and protocols, listed below.

Mach Kit Classes

NXProtocolChecker Defines objects that restrict the messages that other objects can receive.
NXPort Defines an object corresponding to a mach port.
NXNetNameServer Provides an interface to the Network Name Server to allow public access to ports.
NXInvalidationNotifier Defines objects that notify others when they are no longer fully functional.
NXData Provides an object-oriented interface to data, allowing data to be transferred between applications as an object.

NXSpinLock, NXConditionLock, NXLock, NXRecursiveLock
Define various kinds of locks that can be useful for protecting critical sections of code in drivers and multithreaded applications

Mach Kit Protocols

NXLock A protocol for objects that protect resources with locks.
NXReference A protocol to allow reference counting of shared objects.
NXSenderIsInvalid A protocol for objects that need to be informed when other objects become unusable.