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Adopted By: no NEXTSTEP classes
Declared In: apps/InterfaceBuilder.h

Protocol Description

All editors must conform to this protocol.  By implementing this protocol, an editor advertises its selection to other objects in Interface Builder.  (The selection is that object or objects that would be copied if the user chose the Copy command.)

For example, Interface Builder invokes an editor's selectionCount and getSelectionInto: methods to determine how to update the Inspector panel.  If the selection count is more than one, the Inspector panel displays the message "Multiple Selection".  If there is only one object in the selection, Interface Builder invokes the editor's getSelectionInto: method to access the object and then determines the appropriate inspector to display in the Inspector panel.

Instance Methods

getSelectionInto:(List *)objectList

Implement this method to place the currently selected objects into objectList.  If the editor doesn't have a selection, it should simply make sure objectList is empty.

See also:  selectionCount


Implement this method to redraw the objects in the selection.

(unsigned int)selectionCount

Implement to return the number of objects in your editor's selection.

See also:  getSelectionInto: