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Adopted By: IXRecordManager
Declared In: indexing/protocols.h

Protocol Description

The IXRecordReading protocol defines methods for retrieving objects by an abstract identifier, or handle.  The implementor of this protocol is called an object repository.  The stored objects are called records.  IXRecordManager uses this protocol, along with IXRecordTranscription, to retrieve stored objects.

Instance Methods

(unsigned int)count

Returns the number of records in the receiver.

Note:  IXRecordManager's implementation of this method actually returns the number of records plus the number of defined attributes.  See the IXRecordManager class specication's description of this method for further information.

readRecord:(unsigned int)aHandle fromZone:(NXZone *)zone

Reads and returns the record identified by aHandle.  The record is allocated from zone;  its class is instantiated if necessary. Returns nil if the record doesn't exist or can't be read.

If the record conforms to the IXRecordTranscription protocol, the implementor of this message sends source:didReadRecord: and finishReading to the instantiated record.