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Adopted By: IXPostingCursor
Declared In: btree/protocols.h

Protocol Description

The IXPostingOperations protocol defines methods for manipulating postings.  See the IXPostingExchange protocol specification for a description of the term "posting."

The IXPostingOperations protocol requires the implementor to logically order its postings by handle, eliminating duplicates, and to maintain a cursor on this ordering which defines a current selection.  This protocol defines methods for the selection of postings by position or by handle, and for iteration over the entire set of postings.

Method Types

Manipulating postings by handle
Getting the number of postings count
Emptying a posting set empty
Traversing a posting set setHandle:

Instance Methods

addHandle:(unsigned int)aHandle withWeight:(unsigned int)aWeight

Adds a posting consisting of aHandle and aWeight to the set.  If aHandle is already present, assigns the posting a new weight by averaging aWeight and the existing weight.  (Note: if aHandle is already present, IXPostingCursor overwrites the existing weight with aWeight).  Returns self.

See also:  removeHandle:, getHandle:andWeight:

(unsigned int)count

Returns the number of postings in the set.


Removes all postings from the set.  Returns self.

See also:  removeHandle:

(unsigned int)getHandle:(unsigned int *)aHandle andWeight:(unsigned int *)aWeight

Returns by reference the handle and weight of the selected posting.  Explicitly returns the handle, or 0 if the current selection is undefined.

See also:  setHandle:

removeHandle:(unsigned int)aHandle

If a posting with handle aHandle exists, removes that posting.  Returns self.

See also:  addHandle:withWeight:, getHandle:andWeight:

(unsigned int)setFirstHandle

Selects the first posting, and returns that posting's handle, or 0 if the set is empty.

See also:  setNextHandle, setHandle:

(unsigned int)setHandle:(unsigned int)aHandle

Selects the posting with handle aHandle, and returns that posting's handle.  If the value returned isn't aHandle, that posting wasn't found, and the next higher-numbered posting  is selected.

Note:  For both IXPostingSet and IXPostingCursor, this is an efficient operation, with a cost on the order of Olog2(n), where n is the number of postings.

See also:  getHandle:andWeight:

(unsigned int)setNextHandle

Selects the next posting.  Returns the handle for that posting, or 0 if there are no more postings.

See also:  setFirstHandle, setHandle: