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Display PostScript

Library: libNeXT_s.a
Header File Directory: /NextDeveloper/Headers/dpsclient
Import: dpsclient/dpsclient.h


This chapter describes the NEXTSTEP implementation of the Display PostScript®Client Library, and NEXTSTEP's additions to the catalog of PostScript operators.  The Client Library and PostScript operators are mainly documented by Adobe Systems, Inc. (see "Suggested Readings" at the end of Volume 2).  Documented here are only those elements that are unique to or different in the NEXTSTEP implementation.

The chapter is divided into four sections:

"Operators" describes the PostScript operators that are unique to NEXTSTEP, or that have different effects from the same operators as implemented by Adobe.  You can use these operators as you would any of the standard operators provided by Adobe.
"Single Operator Functions" lists the C functions that correspond to the NEXTSTEP operators.  These functions fulfill the guarantee that for every operator there will be a C-language function interface.  The list of functions given in this section are offered without description (for which you must refer to the similarly named operator in the "Operators" section).
"Client Library Functions" describes the NEXTSTEP-specific functions that provide an interface to the Display PostScript system.
"Types and Constants" describes the defined types and symbolic constants used in NEXTSTEP's implementation of the Display PostScript Client Library.