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Adopted By: no NEXTSTEP classes
Declared In: appkit/NXRTFDErrors.h

Protocol Description

This protocol contains one method, attemptOverwrite:.  An object that implements this method can intervene when a Text object has trouble saving an RTFD document.

Instance Methods

(BOOL)attemptOverwrite:(const char *)filename

Notifies the receiver that the user is attempting to save an RTFD document in a location for which the user doesn't have search permission.  Returning YES allows the Text object to complete the save operation; returning NO aborts it.

The Text class's saveRTFDTo:removeBackup:errorHandler: method takes an error handling object as its third argument: This is the object that receives the attemptOverwrite: message under the circumstances mentioned above.  The error handler can respond to such a message by displaying a panel that asks the user whether the file should be written.

See also:  saveRTFDTo:removeBackup:errorHandler: (Text class)