Release 3.3 Copyright ©1995 by NeXT Computer, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Important Information

This version of the NeXTstep®Concepts manual is based on Release 1.0.  It's included in the current release of the Developer's Library as a temporary means of providing you with necessary conceptual information about NeXTstep. As described below, specific chapters in this manual will be replaced by updated concepts material.  Until that material is available, this manual--when taken in the context of the release notes--can help give you an overview of NeXTstep.

Release Notes

The current NeXTstep programming environment differs in various ways from the 1.0 environment described in this manual.  Generally, these differences are in the form of additional functionality, although there have also been some isolated, but significant, changes to existing systems and to the user interface.  The release notes are your source of information about the changes between the 1.0 release and the current release of NeXTstep.

You can access the release notes either from the Digital LibrarianTMor directly from their location in /NextLibrary/Documentation/NextDev/ReleaseNotes.  The release notes that are the most relevant to the subjects presented in this manual are:


In addition, you'll find updated information on user interface guidelines and other subjects in /NextLibrary/Documentation/NextDev/Notes.

NeXTstep Concepts Updates

In an effort to provide you with updated material in a timely manner, specific chapters of this manual will be replaced by a series of shorter manuals.  These shorter manuals will be made available through developer mailings.