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NEXTSTEP Printing Deployment Q&A

Creation Date: Jul 27, 1998


This document pertains to the NeXTSTEP operating system, which is no longer a supported product of Apple Computer. This information is provided only as a convenience to our customers who have not yet upgraded their systems, and may not apply to OPENSTEP, WebObjects, or any other product of Apple Enterprise Software. Some questions in this Q&A document may not apply to version 3.3 or to any given specific version of NeXTSTEP.

Printing Questions

Q: Why won't NEXTSTEP print to the HP LaserJet 4Si-MX in duplex mode?

A: This is a known bug. NEXTSTEP can print to the HP LaserJet 4Si-MX in single-sided mode.

Faxing Questions

Q: Where are incoming faxes written as they come in? Where are outgoing faxes written while they are being transmitted?

A: Incoming faxes are written to /usr/spool/NeXTFaxes/{fax_modem_name}.
Faxes being sent are created in /usr/spool/NeXT/{fax_modem_name}.

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