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OPENSTEP 4.2 Pentium II/400 Incompatibilities

Creation Date: June 1, 1998
Intel, Pentium, 400, caps lock, APM

....Keyboard problems with Pentium II/400 systems
....Installation problems with Pentium II/400 systems


There have been two problems reported by customers using OPENSTEP for Mach, version 4.2, with some 400 MHz Pentium II systems. This document presents simple workarounds for both of these problems.

Keyboard problems with Pentium II/400 systems

Some Pentium II/400 systems running OPENSTEP Mach 4.2 will crash when certain keys, such as CAPS LOCK, are pressed. The problem can be solved by simply changing the keyboard mapping. In the Preferences application, click on the Localization Preferences (the flag icon) and select NeXTUSA from the list of keyboards. The problems does not affect systems with NeXTUSA keyboard mapping.

Installation problems with Pentium II/400 systems

Some Pentium II/400 motherboards contain built-in power management systems that are incompatible with OPENSTEP 4.2's power management software. As a result, OPENSTEP will hang during the installation process as it tries to access power management. To install OPENSTEP Mach 4.2 on these systems, you will need to disable OPENSTEP's power management software.

At the boot: prompt that appears when you start up your OPENSTEP system, type:


You will need to type this again each time your system boots during the install process.

After the operating system is installed, add the following line to your \private\Drivers\i386\System.config\instance0.table file:

"APM" = "No";

OPENSTEP should now boot without attempting to communicate with your computer's power management system.

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