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Title: Linking Windows DLL's into OPENSTEP and WebObjects applications
Creation Date:
Mar. 10, 1998

DLL, link, Windows


This document explains how to link a DLL into a compiled OPENSTEP or WebObjects application.


In most versions of OPENSTEP and WebObjects, linking a .dll into your project is simply a case of dragging and dropping the library's .lib file into the Libraries folder of your Project Builder project, then using the Inspector to add your library's header files to the project's search order.

However, there was a bug in the version of ProjectBuilder that shipped with OPENSTEP 4.1 and WebObjects 3.0. If you are using either of these versions, do not add the library with the ProjectBuilder browser. Instead, add the library name to the makefile directly, in the OTHER_LIBS keyword. Then put a copy of the .lib file in your application directory under the obj-i386-nextpdo-winnt3.5-opt directory. You will also need to add this value to the OTHER_LDFLAGS keyword:


These problems have been fixed in OPENSTEP 4.2 and WebObjects 3.1.

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