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Apple Enterprise Software, formerly NeXT Software, is the division of Apple responsible for Apple's OPENSTEP and WebObjects product lines. You can reach Apple Enterprise Software in several different ways. We look forward to hearing from you!

To reach Apple Enterprise Software in North America

Information, product registration, and order status

* To get OPENSTEP or WebObjects product literature or to inquire about purchasing Apple Enterprise software or support, call 1-800-848-6398.

* To register new WebObjects or OPENSTEP products, call 1-800-848-6398 and press option 3, then option 2.

* For product order status, call 1-800-848-6398 and press option 3, then option 1.

Technical support

* To order or inquire about our support products, call 1-800-879-6398.

* NeXTanswers, Apple Enterprise Software's free, automated document-retrieval system, contains information on many technical topics and answers to common OPENSTEP and WebObjects questions. NeXTanswers can be accessed at, or by sending email with a subject of "HELP" to

* If you already have an AES technical support contract, call 1-800-955-6398, or send e-mail to


* To register or for information about training in North America, call 1-800-879-6398.

Reporting bugs

* To report OPENSTEP and WebObjects software problems and suspected bugs, send e-mail to

To reach Apple Enterprise Software in Europe

To contact Apple Enterprise Software in Europe, send email to

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