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Title: Time Zone error with PDO 4.2

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Last Updated: 26 September 1997
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timezone, pdo


Q: Why do I get the error message
*** Could not find data for default time zone, using GMT
when running my program on PDO 4.2? The same program runs fine on OPENSTEP 4.2.


A: This error is caused when the /etc/zoneinfo/localtime symbolic link is missing or pointing to a non-existing directory. This problem can happen after running the PDO 4.2 Install Script.
To fix the problem, you should su to root and do the following:

1) Remove the symbolic link if it exists.
2) Recreate the symbolic link with something like:
cd /etc/zoneinfo
ln -s US/Pacific localtime

You can get a list of all the available timezones under the /etc/zoneinfo directory.

Valid for: PDO4.2

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