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NEXTSTEP for Intel Processors Release 3.3

Networking Driver Overview

Driver: 3COM EtherLink XL
Driver Overview: NeXTanswer #2529
Last Update:
June 30, 1998

Availability Information

Newer Released Driver in NeXTanswers*:
No, Version 0.00, as NeXTanswer #
Newer Beta Driver in NeXTanswers*: Yes, Version 3.32, as NeXTanswer #2534

Driver Name / Installer .pkg: EtherLinkXL
Driver Type: Networking
Driver Scope: Product Family
Supported Components:
PC Bus / Interface Supported by Driver**: PCI

General Overview notes: This driver supports the 3Com EtherLink XL family of PCI Ethernet Adapters.

Supported Products / Add-on Adapters:
3Com EtherLink XL 3C900-TPO PCI (RJ-45)
3Com EtherLink XL 3C900-Combo PCI (BNC, AUI, RJ-45)
3Com EtherLink XL 3C905-TX PCI (10Base-T, 100Base-TX)
3Com EtherLink XL 3C905B-TX PCI (10Base-T, 100Base-TX)

Supported Products / Systems (ie integrated into PC System):

Special Features of Driver / Driver Notes:
3C905-TX cards identified with ASSY 03-0104-001 REV A may experience large number of receive errors and transmit timeouts. There is no workaround to this problem.

Networking Driver Details

Network Type**:
100 Base TX, EtherNet, Full Duplex
Speed*: 10 Mb/s, 100 Mb/s
Access Mode**: Bus Master DMA
Buffer Size*: 8KB
Supported Connectors**: AUI, BNC (10Base-2), RJ-45 (10Base-T)

Known Problems

Driver Version Notes

3.30 - Initial beta version
3.32 - Added support for 3C90xB adapter family. Single personality to handle all cards. Better media detection algorithm, and supports Nway auto-negotiation.

Future Planning

Future / Update Planning:

Reason for New Driver / Update:
New Driver / Update Timeframe:

New Driver / Update Description:

Note: Information contained in the "Future Planning" section of this document does not constitute a commitment on the part of NeXT to complete the planned development work.

* - Any NeXTanswer number that is blank indicates that a driver will not be released for this version of NEXTSTEP.

** - Indicates information that is inclusive of the entire capability of this driver. Not all devices supported by this driver may include all features listed. Check any available NeXTanswers and the hardware manual for the device for additional information.

Product Vendor

3Com Corporation
5400 Bayfront Plaza
PO Box 58145
Santa Clara, California
95052-8145 USA

US & Canada toll-free pre-sales, product information: +1 (800) NET-3COM
Fax back system: +1 (408) 727-7021
US 24 hour BBS (24/96 8/1/N): +1 (408) 980-8204
France 24 hour BBS (24/96/14.4 8/1/N): +(33) (1) 69 86 69 54
UK 24 hour BBS (12-38.4k 8/1/N): +(44) (0) 628 897 086

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