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NEXTSTEP for Mach Intel Processors Release 3.2 and 3.3

Sound Driver Overview

ENSONIQ Soundscape
Last Update:
July 12, 1997

Availability Information

All versions of this driver are available only from Sound Consulting directly. This driver is not produced, distributed or supported by Apple Computer.

Latest Release Driver version:
Version 3.35, order from Sound Consulting at
Latest Beta Driver Version:
Version 3.36, contact Sound Consulting for availability

Driver Name / Installer .pkg:
Driver Type:
Sound (Audio & MIDI)
Driver Scope:
Product Family (including OEM and third-party compatibles)
Supported Components:
ENSONIQ, Gateway, NEC, Reveal, Spea
PC Bus / Interface Supported by Driver*:
ISA and PnP

General Overview notes:
This driver is intended to support all Soundscape cards and compatible implementations based on the ENSONIQ chip set. Cards shipped in Gateway systems are supported as well.

Supported Products / Add-on Adaptors:

ENSONIQ Soundscape (ISA)
ENSONIQ SoundscapeVIVO 90 (PnP)
Gateway Soundscape 2, 2000, & SS2000 (ISA)
Gateway Soundscape - OPUS based (ISA)
Gateway Soundscape Revision 0, Revision 1, et al (PnP)
Gateway SoundscapeOFFICE (PnP)
Gateway SoundscapeVIVO (PnP)
NEC Harmony (PnP)
Spea Media FX 16 (ISA)
Reveal SC-600 (ISA)

Supported Products / Systems (i.e. integrated into PC System):

Gateway Soundscape (integrated as bus card shipped with system) (ISA & PnP)

Special Features of Driver / Driver Notes:

The Soundscape wave table based MIDI synthesizer is supported on all cards which can execute ENSONIQ OTTO firmware. The driver works in conjunction with the MusicKit Mididriver to enable MIDI on the Soundscape card.

Caveats: All Soundscape interrupts will not be available with the standard MusicKit Mididriver. An update package is available from Sound Consulting which replaces the (human readable) configuration files in the Mididriver so that all Soundscape interrupt settings are available.

This device driver provides information in the Configure application's help panel. Choose Info>Help from the Configure menu and scroll down to find this driver's help topic.

There are many models of Soundscape cards and they have different mixing capabilities. Gateway cards have special internal connectors for modem audio which can be mixed in. Mixing of line-in and CD audio is supported by an external application or Preferences bundle.

Sound Driver Details

Supported Connectors*:
1/8" Microphone In, 1/8" Stereo Line In, 1/8" Stereo Speaker Out, CD-ROM Stereo Line In, TV Stereo Line In, Modem Mono Line In
Access Mode:
Adapter Memory:
16-bit Linear, 8-bit Linear, 8-bit mu-Law & A-Law

Known Problems

The are no known driver problems.

In order to configure resources (like IRQ, DMA, I/O Port Addresses) correctly, make sure that the system BIOS knows about the resources used by this and other ISA adaptors.

Use the PnP personality for Soundscape PnP boards and enable support for Plug-and-Play in the EISABus driver (if you are using the driver from NeXTanswers).

Driver Version Notes

3.30 - Initial release, 1st quarter, 1996
3.31 - Added more Help information and update the PnP personality tables, November 1996
3.32 - Support SoundscapeVIVO introduced at Apple WWDC, May 1997
3.33 - Demo created with limited abilities and timeout, June 1997
3.34 - Minor VIVO 90 enhancements, July 1997
3.35 - Currently shipping licensed version, July 1997
3.36 - Enhanced license keys, January 1998

Future Planning

Future / Update Planning:
SoundscapeVIVO and VIVO 90 wavetable support
Reason for New Driver / Update:
Newest VIVO cards do not support on-board synthesis, only external
New Driver / Update Timeframe:
4th quarter, 1998

New Driver / Update Description:

The new SoundscapeVIVO from Gateway and VIVO 90 from ENSONIQ have a reduced chip count and lower price, but are not compatible with the on-board synthesis support in the shipping driver. ENSONIQ have provided Sound Consulting with two models of the VIVO card along with engineering documentation and development is under way.

The first public release of Rhapsody will also be supported for all sound cards listed above.

Information contained in the "Future Planning" section of this document does not constitute a commitment on the part of Sound Consulting to complete the planned development work.

* - Indicates information that is inclusive of the entire capability of this driver. Not all devices supported by this driver may include all features listed. Check any available NeXTanswers or the hardware manual for the device for additional information.

Driver Product Vendor:

Sound Consulting
Bellevue, WA
Voice: +1 (425) 614-1180
Fax: +1 (425) 562-7236

Sound Card Hardware Product Vendor:

ENSONIQ Corporation
Soundscape Direct
P.O. Box 3035
155 Great Valley Parkway
Malvern, PA 19355-0735

+1 (800) 776-8637 Soundscape Direct
+1 (610) 647-3930 Customer Service
+1 (610) 647-8908 fax

WWW: - List of International Distributors

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