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Title: EOF Informix Adaptor Patch (v 250.1)
Procedure Valid for Release: EOF 2.0

Keywords: EOF, OPENSTEP, WebObjects, Enterprise Objects, patch


This patch is version number 250.1. The Informix Adaptor shipped with the EOF 2.0 release was version 250. You can find the version of the Informix adaptor in the Informix Login panel.

Note: This patch is only for use with EOF 2.0 installed on Windows NT as part of OPENSTEP or WebObjects.

The following files make up the Informix Adaptor Patch:

Installing the Informix Adaptor Patch

Note: You must go to to get the compressed version of the patch.

In order to install this patch, you will need to use gzip and gnutar to expand the attachment. You'll end up with a supplemental NextLibrary directory, which you can then copy into your existing NextLibrary directory. You need to log in as Administrator to install this patch.

Caution: The patch will replace \NextLibrary\Executables\InformixEOAdaptor.dll and the
entire \NextLibrary\Frameworks\InformixEOAdaptor.framework directory, so you should
take care to create a back up these items before installing over the top of them.

Assuming you have 2494_InformixAdaptorPatch_NT.tar.gz on C:\tmp and are using the
Bourne Shell provided by NeXT, here are the commands to install the patch:
$ mv NextLibrary/Executables/InformixEOAdaptor.dll NextLibrary/Executables/InformixEOAdaptor.dll.bak
$ mv NextLibrary/Frameworks/InformixEOAdaptor.framework NextLibrary/Frameworks/InformixEOAdaptor.framework.bak
$ gzip -d -c c:/tmp/2494_InformixAdaptorPatch_NT.tar.gz | gnutar xvf -

Informix Adaptor Patch Release Notes

The following problems have been fixed in this update:

Informix EOAdaptor

References: 74658

Problems: The Informix adaptor won't work with the Informix 7.2 client libraries

Fix: This adaptor is now linked against ISQLT07C.lib rather than isqli710.lib. This means this adaptor works only with Informix 7.2.

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