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Sybase Client Libraries for NT and EOF 2.0

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Creation Date: October 4, 1996
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<<Date June 17, 1997>>

OPENSTEP, Sybase, Enterprise Objects Framework, NT


This README document describes how to install the Sybase Client Libraries used with the Enterprise Objects Framework Version 2.0 and OPENSTEP Release 4.1 for NT.

These Sybase Client Libaries are not included in the EOF 2.0/OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.1 NT distribution package and are based on Sybase System10. They are compatible with Sybase System 4.x, Sybase System 10, and Sybase System 11 servers.

Installing the Sybase Client Libraries on NT

1. After copying NeXTanswer 2472_SybaseClientLibrariesForNT.gtar.gz on your NT 4.0 or 3.51 Machine, you should copy the tar file to a place on your machine like c:/temp. Execute the following command in a Bourne shell to extract the files from the tar file.
<<Assuming that the file has been renamed to SybaseNT.gnutar.gz>>:

gzip -d -c c:/temp/SybaseNT.gnutar.gz | (cd c:/; gnutar xvf -)

Note: The OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.1 for NT includes gzip.exe and gnutar.exe. You can also find gnutar.exe from NeXTanswer 2466_gnutar.exe

2. Open the "System" control panel and:

* add C:\SQL10\DLL; to your path (in System Environment Variables)
* set a new environment variable: Variable: SYBASE, Value: C:\SQL10

3. In the file manager open C:\SQL10\INI\sql.ini and add an entry for your sybase server like the one in the sql.init template for SYBASE_SUN (machine name greendwarf).

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