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 Title: EOModelWOF Readme
NeXTanswer: 2156
Creation Date: June 6, 1996
Last Update: <<Date June 17, 1997>>

EOModelWOF release 0.9 
This briefly describes EOModelWOF, a WebObjects application that
can be used to create model files for EOF 1.x.  EOModelWOF is
available from NeXTanswers as NeXTanswer 2157_EOModelWOF.compressed

EOModelWOF runs on all supported WebObjects platforms.


Install EOModelWOF in your http server's documentation root using
gnutar in a shell

	cd \netscape\ns-home\docs    (or your server's document root)
	gnutar xZvf eomodelwof.compressed


EOModelWOF runs as a WebObjects application.  To run it, use your
browser and enter a URL like: 

You will be guided through the process of creating an EOModel by
the application.  When completed, save the model.  The model file
can be found in the EOModelWOF's application directory, in the 
"_Tool" subdirectory.

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