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Title: Iomega Jaz Drive Package Overview
Entry Number:
Creation Date: June 17, 1996
Last Updated:
June 17, 1996
Valid for Release: 3.3-4.0

Iomega, Jaz, installation, bootable


Because Iomega Jaz disk require a custom disktab entry to initialize them, it is not possible to install onto them from the NEXTSTEP CD. However, it is possible to use the BuildDisk application and additional scripts to install onto a Jaz disk.


This document explains how to install the Iomega Jaz Drive NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP Install package (NeXTanswer 2153_Iomega_Jaz_Drive_Package)

Be sure you are familiar with all of this information before you attempt to install the Iomega Jaz Drive NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP Install package.

Decompressing a .compressed File to a .pkg File
When you get the Iomega Jaz drive Install package, it will be in the form of a compressed file. A compressed file has a .compressed extension and a distinctive icon. On a computer running NEXTSTEP or OPENSTEP:
1) Use WorkspaceManager to check the file icon or extension to be sure it is in compressed format (it will have a .compressed extension).
2) Select the file.
3) Double-click the file and WorkspaceManager will decompress the file (you can also choose File from the Workspace menu, hen choose decompress from the File menu).

Installing NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP on a Jaz disk
Follow the instructions in the README.rtf file in the Jazdisk.pkg to find out how to install NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP on a Jaz disk.

Product Vendor
Iomega Corporation
1821 West Iomega Way
Roy, Utah 84067-9977
+1 (801) 778-1000 phone
+1 (801) 778-5763 FAX
+1 (801) 778-5888 bulletin board system

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