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NEXTSTEP Release 3.3 Patch 1
Entry Number:
Creation Date: November 3, 1995
Last Updated:
<<Date September 11, 1997>>
Procedure Valid for Release: 3.3

NEXTSTEP, patch, developer, posix, hppa, sparc, intel, m68k, system, lookupd


The NEXTSTEP Release 3.3 Patch 1 is a series of packages and scripts that provide fixes to several bugs introduced in NEXTSTEP Release 3.3. Please read the Release Notes and Release Notes Addendum thoroughly before applying the patches.

Release notes for these packages are available as 2067_3.3Patch1_Release_Notes and 2068_3.3Patch1_Release_Notes_Addendum

Caution: These packages should only be installed on systems running NEXTSTEP Release 3.3.

***Do NOT install this patch on systems running NEXTSTEP 3.3J (Kanji Version). NEXTSTEP 3.3J incorporates the updates that this patch provides.


The NEXTSTEP Release 3.3 Patch Update consists of two User Patch packages:

3.3Intel68kPatch.pkg, available via
1Contains updated system software for Intel PCs or NeXT computers running NEXTSTEP Release 3.3.

3.3HPPASPARCPatch.pkg, available via
1Contains updated system software for Sun or HP workstations running NEXTSTEP Release 3.3.

and two Developer Patch packages:

3.3DeveloperPatch.pkg, available via
1Contains updated developer tools for all types of computers running NEXTSTEP Developer Release 3.3.

In addition, the NEXTSTEP Release 3.3 Patch Update was updated to include:

3.3PatchRelNotesAddendum.rtfd, available via
1The latest Release Notes. Please read this before using either 3.3Patch.ImprovedDNS.post_install or 3.3Patch.LibrariesOK.post_install

Read-Me-First.rtfd, available via
1A pointer to the installation instructions in this document.

3.3Patch.ImprovedDNS.post_install, available via
An installation script for improved DNS lookups.

3.3Patch.LibrariesOK.post_install, available via
1Another installation script, for users with POSIX apps that can not be rebuild with the new libposix.a

The POSIX static library, for building posix applications for 3.3patch1 machines using gethost*() libc
routines. Install as /usr/lib/libposix.a.

See Also:
No additional notes as of <<Date September 11, 1997>>

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