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Title: Interface Builder does not show associations in the detail controller for Master-Peer-Detail setup
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Creation Date: July 10 1995
Last Updated:
<<Date June 17, 1997>>

Interface Builder, Master-Peer-Detail, Associations


Q: I have two entity-controllers linked in a master-peer relationship. All their associations are shown in Interface Builder properly. Then I add a controller linked in a master-detail relationship with the peer of the first relationship. Now, none of the associations in the detail controller are shown in IB. What is happening?


A: This is a known problem in the EOF 1.1 Release. To work around it, you can load the KeysPatch.palette which has been built 4-way fat. This palette is available via NeXTanswers as 1963_IB_EOF_Association_Patch.palette.compressed

After loading that KeysPatch palette, you should be able to see all connections in IB.

Please note that this workaround is only valid for EOF 1.1 running NEXTSTEP 3.3 Developer.

Valid for: EOF 1.1, NEXTSTEP 3.3 Developer

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