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Title: Relocating the Sybase interfaces file

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Last Updated: 19 Apr 1995
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EOF, Sybase, interfaces, SybaseAdaptor, SybaseInterfacesFile, EOFSybaseAdaptor, InterfacesFileDirectory


Q: My interfaces file for Sybase isn't in /usr/sybase but I'd still like to use EOF with Sybase. I saw in the release notes where it suggests using a default to specify the new path for the interfaces file:

% dwrite SybaseAdaptor SybaseInterfacesFile path_to_interfaces_file

However I tried this and it still doesn't work! What's the deal?


A: This feature was added for EOF 1.1, but there is an error in the release notes, the proper dwrite command is actually:

% dwrite EOFSybaseAdaptor InterfacesFileDirectory path_to_interfaces_file

Note that the path is the directory to the interfaces file, not the path for the file itself. So if your file resides in /home/bob, the dwrite would only specify "/home/bob", not "/home/bob/interfaces".

Valid for: EOF 1.1, NEXTSTEP 3.2 Developer, NEXTSTEP 3.3 Developer

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