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NEXT Foundation Kit

Title: Foundation Version Dependencies
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Last Updated: 20 April 1995
Document Revision: 495B

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In preparation for the move to OpenStep, many of NeXT's software products are being based on the Foundation Kit. However, the Foundation Kit itself is still evolving as bug fixes and improvements are being made to it. This brings up the question of which Foundation shipped with which software, and dependencies of your own software on the various Foundation Kits available.

What Shipped With What

The following is a short synopsis of which Foundation was shipped with EOF 1.0, EOF 1.1, and NEXTSTEP 3.3 and what this means to users and developers:

The 'short' story is:
*1.1 EOF applications are backward binary compatible with EOF V1.0 applications (i.e., any 1.0 EOF application will execute under EOF V1.1)
* The reverse is not true: EOF V1.1 applications will not work under EOf V1.0
* EOF V1.0 does *not* overwrite Foundation installed by NEXTSTEP 3.3 Intel and 68k
* NEXTSTEP 3.2 does not contain Foundation
* EOF V1.0 does install Foundation on all NEXTSTEP 3.2 platform
* EOF V1.1 overwrites Foundation installed by NEXTSTEP 3.3 Intel and 68k
* If customers have EOF V1.1 installed on their NEXTSTEP 3.3 system, they will not be able to develop applications with 3.3 Foundation
* 3.3 Foundation applications keep running after customers install EOF V1.1

These are the different versions of Foundation that have been shipped:
* Foundation A shipped with EOF V1.0
* Foundation A' (same source as A but different binary) shipped with 3.3 Intel and Motorola, 3.3RISC, and 3.3Developer
* Foundation B shipped with EOF V1.1, and will ship with PDO 3.0

The diagram below is both a chart for software installation and a Foundation dependency map.
* The arrows indicate the installation path for the different software packages available.
* The vertical arrangement of the boxes indicate Foundation dependencies you'll need to be aware of in deploying your software. Applications developed with a particular Foundation cannot be deployed on a machine using any version of Foundation above it. There is no problem if the deployment machine is using a Foundation version that is below the development Foundation.
* The letter in parentheses indicates the version of Foundation that shipped with the package.

Note that that the Foundation dependencies are in effect whether or not you use EOF or PDO. If you use Foundation anywhere in your code, you will need to worry about these dependencies.

Foundation Based Distributed Objects

If you are writing applications using Foundation-based DO, make sure that both the client and the server are using the same version of Foundation. Your applications will not work otherwise.

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