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NEXTSTEP for Intel Processors Release 3.3

Display Driver Overview

Driver: Tseng Labs ET4000W32
Driver Overview: NeXTanswer #1819
Last Update:
April 23, 1997

Availability Information

Newer Released Driver in NeXTanswers*:
No, Version 0.00, as NeXTanswer #
Newer Beta Driver in NeXTanswers*: Yes, Version 0.00, as NeXTanswer #1621

Driver Name / Installer .pkg: TsengET4000W32DisplayDriver
Driver Type: Display
Driver Scope: Generic-Chipset
Supported Components: AT&T ATT20C490 RAMDAC, AT&T ATT20C491 RAMDAC, AT&T ATT20C492 RAMDAC, Brooktree Bt484 RAMDAC, Brooktree Bt485 RAMDAC, Brooktree Bt485A RAMDAC, STG 170x, Tseng Labs ET4000W32
PC Bus / Interface Supported by Driver**: VL-Bus

General Overview notes: This driver supports implementations based on ET4000W32 chipset.

Supported Products / Add-on Adapters:

Supported Products / Systems (ie integrated into PC System):

Special Features of Driver / Driver Notes:

Display Driver Details

Supported Connectors:

Access Mode:
Linear Framebuffer
Adapter Memory:

Display Modes (Number in () after resolution indicates frame buffer size required)

32 Bit Color Modes**:

16 Bit Color Modes**:

8 Bit Color / Greyscale Modes**:

Known Problems

The current driver does not implement transfer tables, so the display appears dark, and the brightness slider in Preference doesn't work.

Driver Version Notes

Future Planning

Future / Update Planning:

Reason for New Driver / Update:
New Driver / Update Timeframe:

New Driver / Update Description:

Note: Information contained in the "Future Planning" section of this document does not constitute a commitment on the part of NeXT to complete the planned development work.

* - Any NeXTanswer number that is blank indicates that a driver will not be released for this version of NEXTSTEP.

** - Indicates information that is inclusive of the entire capability of this driver. Not all devices supported by this driver may include all features listed. Check any available NeXTanswers and the hardware manual for the device for additional information.

Product Vendor

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