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NEXTSTEP for Intel Processors Release 3.3

Sound Driver Overview

Driver: Media Vision Jazz 16
Driver Overview: NeXTanswer #1731
Last Update:
April 23, 1997

Availability Information

Newer Released Driver in NeXTanswers*:
Yes, Version 3.30, as NeXTanswer #1730
Newer Beta Driver in NeXTanswers*: No, Version 0.00, as NeXTanswer #

Driver Name / Installer .pkg: MVJazz16AudioDriver
Driver Type: Sound
Driver Scope: Product Family
Supported Components: Media Vision Jazz16
PC Bus / Interface Supported by Driver**: ISA

General Overview notes: This driver is intended to support several Jazz16 chipset based cards and motherboards implementations.

Supported Products / Add-on Adapters:
Media Vision Deluxe Sound Card
Media Vision Pro Sonic Sound Card

Supported Products / Systems (ie integrated into PC System):

Special Features of Driver / Driver Notes:
This device driver provides information in the Configure application's help panel. Choose Info>Help from the Configure menu and scroll down to find this device driver's help topic.

Sound Driver Details

Supported Connectors:
1/8" Microphone In, 1/8" Stereo Line-In, 1/8" Stereo Line-Out, 1/8" Stereo Speaker , CD-ROM Stereo Line-In
Access Mode:
Adapter Memory: N/A
16-bit Linear, 8-bit Linear

Known Problems

Mixer (part no. MVA508) in Media Vision Premium 3-D adapter is currently unsupported.

Driver Version Notes

Future Planning

Future / Update Planning:

Reason for New Driver / Update:
New Driver / Update Timeframe:

New Driver / Update Description:

Note: Information contained in the "Future Planning" section of this document does not constitute a commitment on the part of NeXT to complete the planned development work.

* - Any NeXTanswer number that is blank indicates that a driver will not be released for this version of NEXTSTEP.

** - Indicates information that is inclusive of the entire capability of this driver. Not all devices supported by this driver may include all features listed. Check any available NeXTanswers and the hardware manual for the device for additional information.

Product Vendor

3185 Laurelview Court
Fremont, CA 94538

+1 (800) 845-5870 USA toll-free (sales) phone
+1 (800) 638-2807 USA toll-free (technical support) phone
+1 (510) 770-8600 international phone
+1 (510) 770-0968 bulletin board system
+1 (510) 770-9592 fax

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