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Installing Version 1 of the AMD PCnet-32 Ethernet Adapter Device Driver for NEXTSTEP Release 3.2 for Intel Processors

These instructions show you how to install the AMD PCNet-32 Ethernet adapter device driver on an Intel-based computer running NEXTSTEP(TM) Release 3.2. This new driver is distributed in an Installer package file named AMDPCnet32NetworkDriver.pkg.

This driver is designed to support LAN adapters that use the AMD AM79C965 PCnet-32 VL-Bus Ethernet controller. The AMD PCnet-32 Ethernet controller is used in both integrated designs (on-board system boards and accessory daughter cards) as well as in add-on VL-Bus adapters.

The AMD79C965 PCnet-32 chipset is a single-chip Ethernet controller for 486 local buses and VESA local buses and supports ISO 8802-3 (IEEE/ANSI 802.3) and Ethernet standards, providing direct interface to the 486 local bus or VESA VL-Bus, and featuring high-performance Bus Master architecture with an integrated DMA buffer management unit for low CPU and bus utilization.

Note: Although this NEXTSTEP driver was designed to support generic implementations of the AMD AM79C965 chipset (that is, designs that follow the example design provided by AMD), the design and initial testing of this driver was performed with the specific on-board system design of the Canon Object.station 41 using a twisted pair interface, and this driver will only be supported and tested with this system.

Installing the Updated Driver

1. Turn on your computer.
2. If you received the AMDPCnet32NetworkDriver.pkg file via NeXTmail(TM) or another electronic source, place a copy of the file in a location where you can access it when you log in as root.
3. Log in as root.
Only the superuser, root, can install the updated device driver. If you're not sure how to log in as root, see your system administrator.
4. If you received the AMDPCnet32NetworkDriver.pkg file on a floppy disk, insert the disk in the floppy disk drive and choose Check for Disks from the Workspace Manager(TM) application's Disk menu. When the disk icon appears in the File Viewer, double-click it to open it.
5. Double-click the AMDPCnet32NetworkDriver.pkg file.
6. Click the Install button in the Installer package window. When the panel asks you to confirm that you want to install software for Intel-based computers, click Install. If a panel warns you you're about to overwrite existing files, click Continue.
7. When the installation is complete, choose Quit from the Installer menu.

Removing Previously Configured Drivers

1. Log in as root and start up the Configure application by double-clicking (it's in /NextAdmin).
2. Click the Network icon at the top of Configure's Summary window.
3. If you don't have any network devices in your configuration, the Add Network Devices panel opens right away; skip to the "Configuring the Updated Driver" section. If you do already have a network device in your configuration (even if it's an earlier version of the AMD PCnet-32 Ethernet driver), delete it by selecting it in the list of devices at the top of the window and clicking the Delete button.
4. With no network devices in your configuration, click Save and then choose Quit.
5. Use the WorkspaceManager (or to delete the file /usr/Devices/AMDPCnet32EthernetDriver.config from your system, if it exists (remember, you should be logged in as root to do this).

Configuring the Updated Driver

1. Start up the Configure application by double-clicking (it's in /NextAdmin).
2. Click the Network icon at the top of Configure's Summary window .
3. Be sure there are no network devices in your configuration. Click the Add button in the Network Devices window.
4. Select "AMD PCnet-32 Ethernet" in the scrolling list in the Add Network Devices panel. Then click Add.
5. In the Network Devices window, select the appropriate IRQ and port settings.
Note: Use the DOS utility VLSET.EXE to adjust the port setting of the adapter; be sure this port setting matches that which you set in Configure's Network Devices window.
6. Choose Save from Configure's Configuration menu and then choose Quit.

Removing the Installer Package and Restarting the Computer

1. If you created a copy of the AMDPCnet32NetworkDriver.pkg file in step 1, drag the copy to the recycler.
2. Choose Log Out from the Workspace menu and then click the Restart button in the login window
Note: You must restart your computer after installing and configuring the device driver. The next time you start up your computer, it will use the new driver.

For information about logging in and out, the Workspace Manager application, and the Installer application, see the NEXTSTEP User's Guide. For information about the Configure application, see Installing and Configuring NEXTSTEP Release 3.2 for Intel Processors. For information concerning compatibility issues and bugs, refer to NeXTanswers(TM).

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AMDPCnet32NetworkDriver.ReadMe.rtf, Version 1, 08-17-94

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