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Q: How can I make the Workspace Tools Inspector recognize my application as one of the default tools for TIFF files? Currently, when selecting a TIFF file in Workspace, the default tools are Workspace, Icon, Scene, and Edit.

A: You must perform the following steps:

In Release 2:

* Use the Inspector Panel in InterfaceBuilder to modify the Project Attributes of your application.

* Select Doc1. Enter tiff as the Document Extension. If you want to specify an icon for your tiff document, you can specify one by using the SET button (see ../Developer_Environment/adding_app_and_file_icons.rtf for more details).

* Save your project, and recompile.

In Release 3:
* Launch ProjectBuilder and select the Attributes button.

* Select tiff from the System File Types list and the corresponding icon appears in the Document Icons and Extensions well. If you want to specify an icon for your tiff document, you can drag a tiff image of your icon into the well. Change the label below the icon to be the desired extension.

* Save your project, and recompile.

All Releases:
* To verify that you have completed the proper steps, you can view the file test.iconheader, assuming that your application's name is test. It should list one line for your application icon, and one line for your tiff document icon, if you have specified one.


F test test app
S tiff test tiff

* Make sure that your application resides in the Workspace default search path, which is


For example, you can add it to your Apps directory (~/Apps).

* In the Workspace, choose Update Viewers from the View menu (or type Command-u) to update the File Viewer. Open the Workspace Tools Inspector. When you inspect a TIFF file with the Tools inspector, you should see the test app as an additional default tool. You can specify your test app as the default tool now by selecting it and clicking OK.

Valid for 2.0, 3.0


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