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Q: How can I undo a NetInfo clone server? That is, make it a simple client and no longer a NetInfo clone server.

A: We'll describe here how to undo a clone server and turn the system into a regular NetInfo client machine. Undoing a clone server requires several steps: first you must let NetInfo know that the clone is not serving the domain anymore, then you must remove the database and finally perform some clean up work.

Note: Replace clone with the actual name of your clone server. This NeXTanswer assumes a standard 2 level NetInfo hierarchy with a root (/) domain tagged network. If you have a multi-level NetInfo domain, see the comments at the end of this document.

1) Launch NetInfoManager, open the root domain. In the Domain window, locate the machine clone in the machines directory and double-click it. Now remove the ./network value of the serves property in the Directory window for the machine clone.

2) Launch the Terminal application. If you are not logged in as root, use the su command to gain superuser privileges. Issue the following command to remove the clone database:

clone# nidomain -d network

3) Edit the /etc/hostconfig file and change the following fields to the values shown here:


4) Reboot the machine clone.

Comments for multi-level NetInfo domains

If you have more than a 2-level hierarchy, make sure that you remove the serves property in your 3rd level domain for the machine clone. Edit the machines entry for the machine clone in the 3rd level domain analogously to step 1. Remove the domain/network property, where domain is the actual name of the domain that clone is serving.

If clone is serving domains other than the local domain, then skip step 3.

You can remove clones for other domains in you multi-level NetInfo domain in the same way as described above.


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