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 GNU libg++ Documentation (in RTF)
The accompanying file, libg++Documentation.pkg.compressed, contains the
documentation for the GNU g++ class library, converted to RTF from
the TeXinfo source for convenience of use with Digital Librarian.
To save disk space it doesn't have an index, but it contains
instructions on building one yourself.

After getting the package, simply double-click on it in Workspace
Manager to open it with the Installer application. You must be
logged in as root to install this package.

libg++Documentation.pkg.compressed is 134 kilobytes in size and contains
one NEXTSTEP Installer package, which when installed/uncompressed
occupies 264 kilobytes of disk space.

Comments/Bug Reports
If you have suggestions or bug reports relating to this package,
please send me email at I can't guarantee
that I'll respond to each message, but I'm interested in all
comments. If you have comments, suggestions, or bug reports about
other documentation, or other aspects of NeXTSTEP, please direct
them to

Nik Gervae
NeXT Technical Publications

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