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Welcome to the NeXTanswers information retrieval system!

This system allows you to request online technical documents, drivers, and other software, which are then sent to you automatically. You can request documents by Internet electronic mail, read them on the world-wide web, and transfer them by anonymous ftp.

NeXTanswers is an automated retrieval system. Requests sent to it are answered electronically, and are not read or handled by a human being. NeXTanswers does not answer your questions or forward your requests.

Using NeXTanswers by e-mail

To use NeXTanswers by Internet e-mail, send requests to Files are sent as NeXTmail attachments by default; you can request they be sent as ASCII text files instead.

To request a file, include that file's ID number in the Subject line or the body of the message. You can request several files in a single message.

You can also include commands in the Subject line or the body of the message. These commands affect the way that files you request are sent:

ASCII causes the requested files to be sent as ASCII text
SPLIT splits large files into 95KB chunks, using the MIME Message/Partial specification

These commands return information about the NeXTanswers system:

HELP returns this help file
INDEX returns the list of all available files
INDEX BY DATE returns the list of files, sorted newest to oldest
SEARCH keywords lists all files that contain all the keywords you list (ignoring capitalization)

For example, a message with the following Subject line requests three files:

Subject: 2101 2234 1109

A message with this body requests the same three files be sent as ASCII text files:

2101 2234 1109 ascii

This message requests two lists of files, one for each search:


SEARCH NetInfo domain

NeXTanswers will reply to the address in your From: line. To use a different address either set your Reply-To: line, or use the NeXTanswers command REPLY-TO your-address

If you have any problem with the system or suggestions for improvement, please send mail to

Using NeXTanswers via the World-Wide Web

To use NeXTanswers via the Internet World-Wide Web connect to the Apple Enterprise web server at URL

Using NeXTanswers by anonymous FTP

To use NeXTanswers by Internet anonymous FTP, connect to ENTERPRISE.APPLE.COM and read the help file pub/NeXTanswers/README. If you have problems using this, please send mail to

For more help...

If you need technical support for NEXTSTEP beyond the information available from NeXTanswers, call the Support Hotline at 1-800-955-6398 (outside the U.S. call +1-415-780-2922) to speak to an Apple Enterprise Technical Support Technician. If your site has a support contract, your site's support contact must make this call to the hotline. Otherwise, hotline support is on a pay-per-call basis.

Other Apple Enterprise departments can be reached via the following email addresses:

Product Information and Sales (North America):

Registering WebObjects and products purchased from NeXT

Information about the status of your order

Information about using NeXTanswers

Apple Enterprise Technical Support

Thanks for using NeXTanswers!

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